Kangana Ranaut opens up about being in love, plans to get married

Kangana Ranaut's new look (Source Twitter)
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Actor Kangana Ranaut on Wednesday said that she wants to be married and have babies in the next five years in an interview.

“I definitely want to be married and have babies. I see myself as a mother five years down the line and as a wife, and of course as someone who is actively participating in the vision of new India,” she said while speaking to Times Now.

“You will know soon.” When asked if she is in a happy place in love, she said, “Yes of course,” and continued, “There is no such place in love but yes, kind of.” On being prodded for details, she said, “Let’s move on. You will know. Very soon.”

“Long ago when I started my career ….A question bothered me … I asked myself some want money, some want fans …. some seek fame and some just want attention …. What do I want? Deep down I always knew as a girl child I wanted to earn respect and that is my treasure. Thank you India for this gift.”


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