Kangana Ranaut lashes out at Delhi CM, says this big thing in Rinku Sharma case


New Delhi: Kangana Ranaut is in the discussion about her statements. Whether taunting or aiming at someone, Kangana immediately airs issues using her Twitter account. Recently, Kangana has questioned the politics of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Rinku Sharma massacre

The Rinku Sharma murder case in Delhi has warmed the entire nation’s politics. The incident which the police is referring to as a quarrel, many leaders of the country and the victim’s family are calling it a communal matter. The family believes that Rinku was collecting funds for the Ram temple and was associated with the Ram Yatra, so he was killed.

Kangana’s reaction

Kangana Ranaut is now giving her reaction to the seriousness of this matter. Kangana is keeping this matter in the headlines by tweeting continuously on social media. Sometimes she s tightening the slogan of secularism and sometimes she s questioning the silence of some celebs. Now, on the target of Kangana Ranaut, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has come.

Questions raised on the politics of the Chief Minister of Delhi

Kangana Ranaut has expressed the hope that Kejriwal will show the same activism in this case which he showed when Akhlaq was killed in 2015. Kangana has written in the tweet- Arvind Kejriwal Ji I hope that you will definitely meet Rinku Sharma’s family and give them all possible help. You have become a leader, now I hope that you will also become a good politician. Kangna’s tweet has gone viral on social media.


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