Kangana Ranaut hit back at Nikhil Dwivedi, giving a befitting reply


New Delhi: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, known for her impunity, is very active on social media these days. Recently, his battle with BMC and Shiv Sena are in the news but at the same time Kangana’s Twitter war is going on with many people. Because Kangana blamed the entire industry in the drugs case in the past. After this, Twitter became a war with Kangana Ranaut’s director Nikhil Dwivedi.

In fact, these days, many people in the industry are unhappy with Kangana after the statements about drugs. Kangana recently wrote that cocaine is the most popular drug in industrial parties. Kangana tweeted that MDMA is given in water at these parties, that too without your knowledge. After which he also wrote a tweet about Karan Johar, on which Nikhil Dwivedi asked Kangana this question.

On this talk of Kangna Ranaut, Nikhil Dwivedi wrote, ‘By this logic, every single person of the film world has created the whole of India. We contribute in the same way in everything. In making you too. We have bought the tickets for your films too, but if you do something wrong tomorrow or right, we can neither blame the whole film world nor can we give shun.

Kangana Ranaut has tweeted Nikhil Dwivedi in a befitting reply, ‘What was produced? Item numbers? Mostly of blockbuster movies? Of drugs culture? Treason and Terrorism? The world laughs at Bollywood, mockery is made everywhere in the country, Dawood has also earned money and name, but if you want respect, then try to earn it, not to hide black tricks.

In response, Nikhil did not sit calm, he wrote in the tweet, ‘If this was such an awesome place, what attracted you here that you left all this and stayed here after suffering so much trouble? You must have seen something, right? We see the same right. Be sure to highlight black tricks as every industry should have. We will support you.

In response to this, Kangana Ranaut wrote, ‘Yes, I was attracted because the mafia which is persecuting and oppressing people here, its pole was to be exposed one day, and it was opened.’

On this, Nikhil Dwivedi once again attacked Kangana and wrote, ‘You know this is not true. You were attracted here by the same good things that we all make. I too came from outside like you but did not get as much success as you. The talent and hard work in you were more than me. But nobody stopped me from being successful, neither did you. That’s when you happened.

Kangana Ranaut finally wrote to end this, ‘You are telling the truth, we all live for ourselves, whatever we do we do for ourselves, but sometimes some of us suffer so much life. That they become free from every fear, the meaning of life changes, the motives change, this happens also, this is also a truth.


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