Kangana Ranaut falls again, this time copyright and fraud case filed

Kangana Ranaut. (Source: Twitter)
Kangana Ranaut. (Source: Twitter)
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New Delhi: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut comes into the limelight on the day she comes out and about her upcoming films and her upcoming films. But now the news of a case has been filed against him. A Mumbai court ordered a case to be registered against Kangana Ranaut on a writer’s complaint. The author has said that he will continue the fight against the violation of his rights.

What is the matter?

Recently, Kangana announced the film ‘Didda: The Warrior Queen of Kashmir’ under her banner. The author, Ashish Kaul, accused Kangana Ranaut itself of copyright infringement. After which the court ordered the police to register a case of fraud against Ranaut.

Know what Ashish Kaul said

Ashish Kaul said, ‘I am fighting for more rights against white-collar crime. I have started this new journey against the blatant and shameless violation of copyrights. He further said, ‘After visiting several police stations, I went to the Metropolitan Magistrate of Bandra and Mumbai to register an FIR under Section 156 (3) of the IPC against copyright infringement by Kangana Ranaut and others. To order the police. It is a case of criminal fraud.’

Kaul was upset for 15 days

Kaul told the media that he was worried for 15 days after which he decided to go to court. He said that money rich and powerful people break the law and violate the rights of those who produce ‘content’.

Kaul said, ‘This is a battle of every content creator who comes to this city with talent, sweat on the forehead and confidence of’ self-reliance ‘. A common man who cannot afford expensive lawyers and is afraid to go to the police station, whether he will get justice against white-collar dacoits will be proved by the outcome of this fight.’

Kangana wrote the content of the book in tweet without permission

Kaul said that he had sent an e-mail to Ranaut about the story of his book and he used some part of the story in a tweet without announcing it while announcing his film. He said, ‘Is it worth believing that a famous actress-turned-social worker woman will steal a story and the contents of the book?’


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