Jaya Bachchan slams “Drugs In Bollywood” claim, Kangana Ranaut jumps in

Jaya Bachchan. (Source: Twitter)

In the film world, many stars have come face to face on the drugs case and are making rhetoric on each other. Actress Kangana Ranaut tweeted after Samajwadi Party member and actress Jaya Bachchan made a statement in Rajya Sabha. Kangana Ranaut tweeted that if Jaya Ji was in my place, would you still say the same. Kangana asked if Jaya would have had the same answer even if Shweta had spoken against intoxication and molestation. Even if Abhishek is a victim of constant bullying and harassment and one day he would get swinging on the noose, what would Jaya Ji say to you?

Kangana wrote, Jaya Ji, do some duty for us too. Explain that in the Rajya Sabha, Jaya Bachchan took aim at Ravi Kishan and said that this industry, which is never behind in assistance during any crisis in the country, deserves appreciation. He raised this issue in zero-hours and said that sadly, some people make holes in the plate on which they eat. Jaya said that due to only a few people, the entertainment industry is being subjected to criticism today which gives direct employment to about five lakh people and indirect employment to about 5 million people every day.

Jaya said that during the lockdown, some such situations happened that the entertainment world was subjected to severe criticism on social media and was called a ‘gutter’. ’’this is not right. Such language should be banned. During the national disaster, this industry has rendered all possible help. People living here pay huge taxes. The industry has gained a name and recognition on its own. Jaya said that in the second house yesterday, a member (without naming Ravi Kishan) spoke against the film industry, which was painful. At the same time, responding to Jaya, Ravi Kishan said that I did not pierce the plate, just spoke on what is going wrong. Also, Ravi Kishan responded to Jaya and said that I have no godfather in Bollywood. Actually, Ravi Kishan raised the issue of a drugs case in the House on Monday.


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