Irrfan Khan wanted to become a cricketer, gave up his hobby due to just 600 rupees

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New Delhi: The grief of the death of Bollywood veteran actor Irrfan Khan has not been reduced in the hearts of his fans even today. It is going to be a full year for him to say goodbye to this world on Thursday. But even today, each of his dialogues, each of his films make people feel their existence. He continued to fight for life and death with neuroendocrine tumours for two years. Irrfan did more than one film in Bollywood, people remember the names of many of his films. But few people know that this king of the world of films wanted to become a cricketer first and it could not be possible due to just 600 rupees.

Irrfan did not have 600 rupees

According to news from Zee News, Irrfan Khan was selected for the prestigious domestic cricket tournament CK Nayudu Trophy, but he did not have up to Rs 600 for Admission Fee at that time, so he dreams of making a career in cricket but had to leave incomplete. In 2014, Irrfan made his fans aware of his love for cricket, as well as how his sister had given him 300 rupees to enrol in the National School of Drama (NSD).

The story was told in the interview

In an interview, he said that ‘I wanted to be a cricketer. I was an all-rounder and the youngest player in my team in Jaipur. I was not happy when I was selected for the CK Naidu tournament, but at that time I did not have 600 rupees of entry fee and I did not know who could help me. That’s why I decided to distance myself from cricket. Talking about the beginning of his acting journey, he had said that I wanted 300 rupees for the National School of Drama, which was also difficult for me to raise. Then my sister helped me.’

Did not like T-20

Irrfan Khan was among those who do not like the T-20 format of cricket. He said that the T-20 version of cricket has spoiled this game of the gentlemen. He was saddened to become a cricketer, but he was quite happy with his acting career. He had said that a career in the entertainment sector is much longer than cricket.

There is no limit in the field of acting

In that interview of 2014, Irrfan Khan said, ‘Thought to say goodbye to cricket was a decision. Only 11 players from all over the country get a place in the national team, but there is no limit for the actors. The harder you work, the more you move forward.’

Significantly, Irrfan took a break from acting in 2018 after learning about neuroendocrine tumours. He returned to India in 2019 to work in ‘English Medium’, which was released at the beginning of last year. Irrfan is left behind by his wife Sutapa Sikdar and two sons Babil and Ayan.


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