Hostel Daze 2: Review

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Amazon Prime Video has released the trailer of yet another incredible college comedy show from Hostel Daze. Which is ready to return on Amazon Prime. The series is an Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama miniseries produced by Saurav Khanna and Abhishek Yadav. It is directed by Ragh Subbu.

In the first season of Hostel Daze web series, we have seen a story of top engineering colleges in India which shows that students belong to different families by clearing intense competitive exam for better career

This web series certainly represents the beautiful images of engineering aspirants who stay in hostels and manage their work pressure, fights, and many other difficulties along with their four year academic session. encounter.

In the second season, it finds out that all the freshers have turned into seniors and this time they are going to lose. In the first season of the web series, we have seen freshers discover their newfound freedom in the colleges they are dealing with seniors’ shenanigans.

Now the time has passed that freshers have become seniors and girls and boys also got a chance to be the boss around the fresher and become the boss. The first season of the series premiered on 13 December 2019. This time the series consists of five episodes.

In Season 1 of the series, we have seen three millennials Ankit, Chirag and Jaat who become room partners in some unforeseen circumstances. They support each other, face flirting, internals, semester exams, and even cooperative dating with their senior Jhantu.

We will also see that these aspirants are trying to show their presence to other hostel mates, but they fail to realize the fact that along with the positive memories they are creating negative memories throughout their lives. The entire first season revolves around the first semester of the academic curriculum. Now it is expected that in the second season we will see the story of the remaining semesters.

Vijay Koshi, President of The Viral Fever said that this web series narrates the chaos, friendship, struggle that binds every hostel life in India with some real characters, most of whom we can relate to our lives. Huh. He has also expressed his enthusiasm to collaborate with Amazon Prime Video for this season of the series.

Saxena said in a prepared statement, ‘Hostel Daze’ is a light-hearted series infused with emotions, that unfolds the journey of Indian students as they learn to survive and grow in ‘Hostel Life’.

We hope that the show will bring back memories of those who have stayed in hostels, or those who are currently staying and will set a plan for those who are preparing to start their own hostel life.”

Vijay Subramaniam, India Director and Content Head, Amazon Prime Video, said: “Amazon Prime Video” reiterates its promise to create entertaining content for customers across all ages and genres of entertainment. Viral fever is particularly known for its engaging content in the young adult space. And Hostel Daze is a perfect example of this. It is a very entertaining web series, and we are sure it will resonate really well with the youth of today. “

Hostel Daze Season 2 will arrive on Amazon Prime Video on 23 July 2021. Amazon is coming up with yet another season of Hostel Daze, which will be a real life experience for everyone who has gone through Hostel Life.

This web series has not been released yet, so it is very difficult to give a review of this web series. But this is a type of listing. Through which you can know the full story of this web series and know about the artists working in this web series. And the rest when this web series will be released on the same day you will get the review of this web series on this website.

Hostel Daze Season 2 Episode Review
Let us know what is going to happen in every single episode of Hostel Days Season 2.

Episode-1 ( D.I.S.C.O )
In the first episode of season 2 of this web series Aapko Dekho Gang is a year old and realizes their official role as seniors, not realizing that “breaking the ice” with Junior might land them in trouble.

Episode-2 ( Love-Square)
In the second episode you will see that we all have gone through a love triangle. But when Jat and Jhantu fall in love with the same girl, a love affair is formed. With Ankit and Chirag as the catalysts, the two pursue Unnati, the heartthrob of the hostel.
Episode-3 ( Gandagi )
Episode 3 is titled Dirt Mein Aapko Dekho – does everything in his power to woo Ankita by showing Ankita how clean she is in a typical dirty boys hostel. Akanksha however does not impress Ankit with heartbreak.
Episode-4 ( Ghar Wapsi )
In the 4th and last episode of Season 2 – the gang is all set to leave for their homes on vacation except Jhantu, who will have to stay back. During the days the boys find out whether home is a place to stay or a hostel, a place to live, now what will happen next, you will enjoy season 2 till season 3


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