CBI tightens screws in Sushant case, three teams will investigate based on this plan

Sushant Singh Rajput. (Source; Twitter)
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Mumbai: CBI will now investigate the suicide case of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation- CBI) team will stay at the guest house in DRDO’s Santa Cruz, where CBI SP Nupur Prasad has divided the investigation team into three parts. CBI’s SIT will work in three parts. A team will be examining all the case diaries, forensic report and autopsy report of Mumbai related to the case received from Mumbai Police. At the same time, another team will take the details of the people involved in this case, including all those people, whose details were recorded by the Mumbai Police.

The third team, along with CFSL (Central Forensic Science Laboratory- CFSL) expert, will go to Sushant’s flat and once again recite the entire scene there. This team of CBI has 3 Physicists and 6 Scientists from 3 Chemistry Division, who will conduct a scientific study of Sushant Singh’s hanging.

At the same time, a team of CBI will interrogate the people associated with this case as well as those who live in that area or keep coming or who have knowledge about the people of that area. With this, the CBI will scan CCTV footage of the entire area on 14 June. The CBI has also prepared a list of questions to be asked of all the accused, including Rhea Chakraborty, whose answers can be answered face-to-face with the accused after getting different answers.


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