CBI closer to the truth in Sushant case! Rhea Chakraborty will not be questioned today because of this

ED seized mobile information of Rhea Chakraborty, including his father and brother (Source: Twitter)

New Delhi: After questioning every day for the last four days, the CBI has taken a shocking step today. In today’s interrogation, CBI has not called Rhea Chakraborty. In four days from Friday to Monday, the CBI questioned Rhea for about 36 hours. It is now believed that the CBI may have reached the truth in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput. Because suddenly the decision not to call Rhea is quite shocking.

Rhea’s parents questioned
Some time ago a carriage came out of Rhea’s house, in which Rhea’s father Indrajit Chakraborty is said to be. It is believed that Rhea’s parents can be questioned today. Rhea’s parents are being told to be questioned in financial matters.

Who is the mastermind of drugs business in Bollywood?
The CBI can now proceed with its investigation on the basis of the question, who is the mastermind of the drugs business in Bollywood? Because the close of Rhea Chakraborty was also questioned on the previous day.

Suved Lohia’s Rhea and Drugs Connection?
On Monday, the CBI investigated the money from drugs chats, drugs cartel and Sushant Singh’s account first on account of Kwan talent company and then in Kwan’s account in Rhea Chakravarty’s account. On Monday, a total of 10 people were called by the CBI to the guest house for questioning. Let’s know which points are going to be investigated today. Rhea Chakraborty, Showik Chakraborty, Shruti Modi, Jaya Saha, Siddharth Pithani, Suved Lohia, Neeraj Singh, Driver Razzaq and 2 employees of the Waterstone resort were called to the DRDO guest house. The most shocking name in this was Suved Lohia. Suved Lohia has been a small-time actor and is also a very good friend of Rhea Chakraborty. Suved has consistently been on the radar doing NCB and ED. Along with Gaurav Arya, Suved’s name is also coming out in Drug Connection.

Is the Waterstone resort also part of the conspiracy?
Apart from this, officials of the Waterstone resort were also called. The CBI wants to know from them that when Rhea Chakraborty and Sushant Singh stayed in this resort, which people used to visit them. More than 34 lakhs amount has been given to Waterstone resort from Sushant Singh’s account. Has Rhea Chakraborty, like the Kwan Talent Company, not been benefited here either?


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