Bollywood drugs case: Rhea knowingly implicated Sushant in drug trap – NCB


New Delhi: Rhea Chakraborty is not innocent but very vicious. She went to him to confuse Sushant Singh Rajput with drugs. The NCB has made this sensational disclosure in front of the court.

Rhea is an active member of drugs racket
Rhea Chakraborty used to trade drugs in her senses and with complete planning. Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), the agency investigating the drug angle in the case of Sushant’s death, has informed the court that actress Rhea Chakraborty was an active member of the drug syndicate, which included many well-known people and drug suppliers from the high society.
NCB has said that Rhea Chakraborty is accused of promoting late actor Sushant Singh Rajput in the case of drug consumption. Rhea had given drugs to Sushant.

Rhea Chakraborty and Sushant Singh Rajput. (Source: Twitter)

She cheated Sushant while staying with him
According to Narcotics Control Bureau officials, ‘Looking at the entire scenario of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, it comes to light that Rhea Chakraborty was aware that Sushant Singh Rajput used to consume drugs and during this time he was not only doing Encouraged but the whole thing was also hidden from them. This is by far the most sensational revelation about Rhea’s role in Sushant’s death.

Criminal conspiracy against Sushant
The NCB opposed Rhea Chakraborty’s bail plea, claiming that she had been involved in drug trafficking. The NCB has made it clear that under a criminal conspiracy, Rhea supported other accused for drug dealing, encouraged them to do so and also helped them with money.

ED seized mobile information of Rhea Chakraborty, including his father and brother (Source: Twitter)

Rhea has also accepted in court
In an affidavit filed in the Bombay High Court by NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede, Rhea has deposed that she has paid the money to Samuel Miranda and Deepesh Sawant for drugs which were later given to Sushant for consumption. The NCB said that it is clear that the drugs for which the money was paid were not for personal use but to be supplied to someone else and it comes under Section 27A of NDPS 1985.


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