Bollywood biggies grilled by NCB on Saturday

Shraddha Kapoor. (Source: Twitter)

Mumbai: In the drugs case, the names of many stars have started appearing one after the other. Today, the day is very important in drug matters. Deepika Padukone will answer questions from Shraddha Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan Narcotics Control Bureau.

Shraddha reached the NCB office at around 12.30 pm on Saturday. Meanwhile, news has come out that Shraddha has also opened her tongue in front of NCB. But during this time, he has accused all the accused on Sushant.
Actually, Shraddha said in the interrogation that he has seen Sushant consuming drugs on vanity van and sets during the shooting.

Although he himself refuses to take drugs. Shraddha said that after the release of the film ‘Chichhore’, there was a party at Sushant’s Pavana House. After lunch, we went to the island by boat. Where there were a drug and alcohol party, in which we had a party with music.

The party had both drugs and alcohol but I did not consume drugs. The big question here is that if Shraddha does not take drugs then why was she demanding CBD oil from Jaya Shah. At the same time, when the NCB asked him what she had to say on CBD Oil’s chat with Jaya Saha, she kept silence on this question.

Please tell that a chat of Jaya Saha and Shraddha Kapoor was revealed in which Shraddha was demanding CBD oil from Jaya. In Shraddha Kapoor’s conversation with Jaya, Jaya says – When you come down, call. I will come down and give it to you. After this Jaya says, Hello, I am sending CBD oil today. Shraddha Kapoor says- Hi, thank you. Jaya answers with the smiley. After this Shraddha says listen, I still want to meet SLB.


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