Bigg Boss 14 Trophy: Salman Khan showed the first glimpse of the winning trophy


Bigg Boss 14 Trophy: Salman Khan’s shows the first glimpse of the trophy, have you seen? Next Sunday is the finale of the show, but as the day is approaching, so much of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house is becoming news is coming up. In such a situation, the host of the show Salman Khan has given a big surprise to the fans by showing the first glimpse of this season’s Bigg Boss 14 winner’s trophy.

Exactly one week ago the trophy was sold

There is always excitement among people about the ‘Bigg Boss’ winner as well as its trophy. Meanwhile, in the episode of last night, the show’s host Salman Khan showed the first glimpse of the trophy. By the way, every year Salman lifts the curtain with the trophy on the occasion of the last ‘weekend war’. This time too Salman did not disappoint the fans. Now the picture of this trophy is dominated on social media.

How is the look of the trophy

Let us tell you that this season’s trophy looks very beautiful and different. In this, the shape of one eye (Big Boss’s eye) looks like the logo of the show. With which a lot of big crystals are also seen in this trophy. Along with this, on the bottom of the trophy, it is written ‘Bigg Boss 14 winner …..’.

The glow in the eyes of the contestants

As soon as Salman Khan showed the first glimpse of this trophy in the show, he took the curtain, then all the contestants present in the house were surprised. Everyone’s dream was to get the right on this trophy. Especially Rubin Dilaiq, Rahul Vaidya and Rakhi Sawant did not go without praising it. All three praised this trophy in front of Salman Khan.


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