Asim Riaz revealed his lucky charm to Himanshi Khurana, revealed on relationship

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New Delhi: Asim Riaz fell in love with Himanshi Khurana when he was a contestant at home in ‘Bigg Boss 13’. They say that they are lucky for each other and recording a track together is one way to take their bond to the next level.

Himanshi is a lucky charm

Does he like to call Himanshi his lucky charm? On this, he replied blushingly, ‘You can say anything to them, I have no objection. We are lucky for each other. We both inspire each other and it is a good feeling, whatever it is, it is a blessing.

Music videos get 100 million

Asim says, “Himanshi and I have shot four to five music videos and all are being watched more than 100 million times.” Asim says, “Right now, we are taking it to the next level by recording a track. Himanshi and I are coming up with a track where she sings and I rap. Therefore, it is the next level. We are ready with our first rap track ‘Back to Start’.

Motivating each other

He said, ‘We are good. We are just focusing on our careers and motivating each other and we are happy.


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