Akshay Kumar will help 3600 dancers, given one month’s ration or option to take money

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Mumbai: The second wave of the Coronavirus has captured almost every part of the country. From ordinary people to business, it has seen its impact. The film industry is also not untouched by this. Here, many dancers who work as background dancers in films have faced a livelihood crisis. They have no work due to the lockdown and have lost their means of income. In such a situation, actor Akshay Kumar has helped these dancers. The actor has given the dancers the option of taking a month’s ration kit or money.

Sought for the ration of the month on birthday

Choreographer Ganesh Acharya told to me that Akshay is very kind. On my 50th birthday, Akshay asked me what a birthday gift is needed. On this, I asked them to provide a month’s ration to 1600 junior choreographers and older dancers and about 2000 background dancers. Akshay immediately agreed. My wife Ganesh Acharya is fully active in the Foundation. She oversees packing and delivery. The distribution area is wise and safety and health are taken care of. The dancers and choreographers whose details are registered with us are given either a ration kit or the amount of money that they can buy.

Permission for shooting in the state itself from next month

According to Ganesh Acharya, the system of providing areawise help to the dancers has been in use for a year. No dancer should feel the trouble, it is planned in this way. It is worth mentioning that already the Cine Bodies had met Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and demanded that they should be allowed to shoot in the state itself from next month so that the industry can be saved from big losses and people get jobs. At present, most of the shows are closed and those who are on the move are shooting and working in the outer states.


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