Aamir Khan did not want to become an actor, the player of this game, after seeing the report card, Father said this thing

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New Delhi: Aamir Khan has made his own special identity in the world of Bollywood. Aamir does very few films, but whatever he does, he is a hit. He puts his life into his films. In his films from direction to acting, everything is perfect, perhaps that is why he is called the perfectionist of reel life. But Aamir has never been so perfect in his real life.

Aamir was the best tennis player

Aamir always wanted to play tennis, he was a great tennis player, but his father came in the middle of his dream and did not let his dream come true. Aamir himself had told this during a film promotion that he always wanted to become a tennis star. He had said that it was my dream to play tennis, which could not be fulfilled.

“I used to play tennis a lot when I was 14. Parents felt that I was paying less attention to my studies more in sports. I had got low numbers in the report card, seeing that my father told my mother – stop playing it and I stopped playing tennis.” Aamir Khan said this to media.

Based on a report, Aamir’s first love happened on the tennis court. When he joined tennis coaching at the age of 10. There was also a girl in that coaching, whom Aamir kept watching.

Aamir has also played tennis with tennis player Roger Federer. Well, Aamir’s dream of becoming a tennis player was not fulfilled, but he became the Superstar of Bollywood with his acting.


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