Young people who have no one to liberate them

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Indore: The city is going through a bad phase. From the hospital to the Muktidham, the impact of the epidemic is visible. In the grip of the epidemic, much destitute grass have been formed. After death, there is no one to perform his last rites. In such a situation, some youth of the city took up the responsibility. Helping helpless families from outside with helpless funeral.

The members of the organization Krisnasakhi collect ashes and funerals from Panchkuian Muktidham and immerse them in the Narmada. The unclaimed cremation takes place on the notice of the dead bodies. These people have cremated three unclaimed dead bodies in a week. Shashi Satpute of the organization said, “We don’t have any problem in Muktidham, so we have campaigned.”

Has helped in 36 funerals

People from outside also perform the last rites of the deceased family in the city itself. Many times, there are only one or two people with the deceased. In such a situation, the young team Rohit Joshi, Mahesh Bhadekar and Mayank Bargal help in his funeral. They also mobilize resources. So far, the team of youth has conducted 36 funerals.


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