Yogi Government Took A Big Decision, Shocking For Government Employees Again

UP CM YOGI ADITYANATH. (Source: Twitter)
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Lucknow: All countries are facing difficulties in dealing with the epidemic like Coronavirus. In India also, the number of patients infected with corona has crossed the one lakh mark. In such a situation, the country’s economy is also affected. Income to the states has also been affected. Now, many state governments have started taking steps in view of this.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has also taken a strong step now. In order to cut government expenditure, many works in the state have been banned until further orders. In these, from new trains to air travel, business class has been banned. Additional Chief Secretary (Finance) Sanjeev Mittal informed about this and said that a committee has decided in this regard. Till next order, this provision will be applicable in the entire state.

Prohibition on travelling in business class of new car and plane for government purposes.
Officers will hold meetings via video conferencing instead of a tour.
No officer shall organize any conference, seminar or meeting in any five or seven-star hotel. Government buildings will be used for this.
Six kinds of allowances to 16 lakh government employees have also been banned.
No major plans will be launched in the state.
The salaries and allowances of state government ministers have been cut so that the burden on the state exchequer can be reduced.
No new post will be created, which will control government spending.
The posts which have become useless due to expansion of technology, the staff engaged there will be appointed in another department.
No new construction will begin. At the same time, the construction work of the ongoing project will continue.
There is a ban on the appointment of consultants and chairpersons in any department.
The share of the state government in the central schemes will be given in instalments.
Apart from this, the development fund to the MLA and MLC has also been banned.


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