Yogi Government launches digital portal for the right supply of oxygen in UP

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Lucknow: The situation is very bad in Uttar Pradesh at this time due to Coronavirus. In such a situation, people are constantly facing a shortage of oxygen. Now to deal with this, the Yogi government has created a digital platform named ‘Oxygen Monitoring System for UP’. UP is the first state to introduce such a system. CM Yogi Adityanath inaugurated it on Friday.

Oxygen vehicle tracking

There was mutual support of FSDA, Medical Education Department, Medical Health and Family Welfare Department, Transport and Home Department to create this digital system of oxygen supply. At the same time, Rodic Consultant has prepared it. Representatives of the company on the platform will be present in government and private hospitals to supply oxygen,

Company representatives will upload the information on the oxygen requirement of the hospital on the portal. At the same time, through the online tracker installed in the vehicle carrying oxygen, we will supply as per the requirement. Through the portal, vehicles can be monitored in real-time location.

Supply is being increased through Green Corridor and Oxygen Express

Actually, oxygen demand is very high at the moment. In such a situation, the Railways is running the Oxygen Express to supply oxygen. At the same time, the government is also constructing a green corridor to ensure that vehicles are not delayed.


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