Why did Gautam Gambhir say that cricketers can also be victims of Coronavirus?

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New Delhi: Former batsman of Indian team Gautam Gambhir always made his place in the hearts of millions of fans by performing brilliantly on the cricket field. Recently, Gautam Gambhir talked about Coronavirus during one of his interviews, in which he said that players will have to get used to living with coronavirus in the coming time.

We all know that at this time the whole world has been troubled due to the coronavirus epidemic, due to which the problem of people is increasing only on every side. Businesses have come to a standstill, the world of entertainment and sports has also come to a standstill, it seems as if this great marriage has stopped everyone’s life. Also, Covid-19 has banned the cricket calendar, due to which many international series has been banned. The International Cricket Council is also considering using artificial material instead of flashing the ball with saliva. All the cricket boards are discussing these changes in the game at the moment.

Due to this, former India opener Gautam Gambhir has also said that on this issue, now cricket players can get an option to apply saliva or spit on the ball, along with Gautam Having said that, he does not think that there will be much change in the game regarding this rule.

Many rules are being discussed to change the rules once cricket starts again. Especially the use of saliva i.e. saliva to shine the ball is being discussed a lot. Now Gautam Gambhir has also talked about this, he has said that- ‘I don’t think much rules of the game will change. Maybe they have another option regarding saliva.

Also, Gautam said that – along with the players, the rest of the people will also have to learn to live with this virus. It may also happen that this virus catches the players. We might have to live with it. By the way, social distancing can be implemented more easily in the game of cricket than other sports. Gautam said in this interview that- ‘Social distancing will not be as easy to implement in other sports as it will be in cricket. It will be easy to implement it in cricket, how will we implement it in football, hockey and other sports. This is why I think we have to learn to live with this virus. The sooner you and we accept it, the better it will be.


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