WHO delays in declaring Covid an epidemic, revealed an investigative report

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The organization whose job it is to protect the health of the whole world is being questioned today. That too for the epidemic that plagues the whole world. The virus originated from China has been wreaking havoc on the entire world for the past year. The situation in the country and the world continued to worsen, but the World Health Organization (WHO) did not declare Corona an epidemic, if the WHO had declared Corona as an epidemic, then this situation would not have happened in the country and the world, today Corona from Corona in the world. There are more than 33 lakh people in the world who have lost their lives if we look at the statistics of death in the world

Corona’s orgy in the world

5 lakh 82 thousand patients have died in America
2 lakh 54 thousand people have died in India
4 lakh 26 thousand patients have died in Brazil
1 lakh 7 thousand people have lost their lives in France

Meaning the world exploded with a clean corona, but the WHO kept wandering around with the new variant named Corona, if the corona was declared an epidemic at the outset, the WHO would not have been charged with more than 3.3 million deaths today, ie in 2020. Had the corona been declared an epidemic, the treatment of the corona epidemic would have been better than it is today.

At the same time, the discussion of the Coronavirus variants spread in India is also being discussed in the world, which is being called Indian variants in some media reports citing the World Health Organization document, after which the World Health Organization has clarified in its tweet. The World Health Organization does not name any virus or its variants based on the names of countries.

The name of a virus cannot be named after a country, and the WHO on China’s terms is once again in the circle of questions.


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