White House Chief Medical Officer advices India to go under lockdown to curb COVID-19

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The coronavirus, that is, the death of a person whose mere name makes people tremble as soon as they hear it. The name created such havoc in the world that even the biggest countries succumbed. This virus of death is now fully active in India as well, more than 3 lakh new cases are coming out every day for the last 1 week. Chaos is a disaster and the situation in the country is very bad.

In such a situation, Dr Anthony Fauchi, the White House Chief Medical Officer researching Corona, has also acknowledged that India needs a lockdown to deal with Corona. Biden administration’s epidemic expert doctor Anthony Fauci has advised India that a temporary shutdown is necessary to curb the pace of Corona. He said that a 6-month lock-down is not required at the moment.

Doctor Anthony Fauci not only suggested lockdown as an option to stop Corona, but he also insisted on completing the vaccination as soon as possible. That is, the people of the whole country should get vaccinated as soon as possible, now it is obvious that vaccination is a long process because India also has more population.

In such a situation, it may be too late for every person to get vaccinated, so there is a need to move quickly, and in such a situation, lockdown can be most effective. Just as it happened in China, through lockdown, China prevented the spread of infection and started vaccination as soon as possible.

Dr Anthony also cited the example of China and America, advising India to act as a team to fight the corona, saying that China increased the number of hospitals, quickly built hospitals with the help of the army where people were treated.

The US did something similar, India would also have to take such steps to prevent Corona. This means that US President Biden’s biggest doctor is advising India to implement a lockdown so that the corona can be controlled in the country.


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