When will 2DG, the indigenous drug of Corona, come into the market, how much will it cost? Dr Reddy’s gave information

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New Delhi: The fight against Coronavirus continues. On Monday (17 May), on behalf of the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), achieving great success in the war on the epidemic. Corona drug 2-DG, developed in association with Reddys Laboratories, was approved for emergency use. Today Dr. about this medicine Important information is provided by Reddys Laboratories.

2DG Drug not yet on the market

Dr It has been said by Reddy’s that 2DG Drug has not been launched yet. This medicine is likely to come into the market by June. On behalf of Dr Reddy, it has been said that before that, beware of any message. The claims of selling 2DG on social media are fake.

How much will cost

Dr It has also been said by Dr Reddy’s that it has not been decided yet how much this medicine will cost. Its price will be decided in the coming time. In a statement issued by Dr Reddy, it has been said that its price will be kept in such a way that the reach of everyone can be announced soon.

It will come in the form of 2-DG powder

Let me tell you, on Monday, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan released the first batch of the indigenous drug 2DG of Corona at the headquarters of DRDO. The indigenous medicine of Corona will come in a packet in the form of 2-DG powder and it will be dissolved in water.


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