Weekend Curfew: buying vegetables and goods from homes

Weekend Curfew
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Ajmer: The weekend curfew has begun in a city inhabited by the movement of thousands of people daily. On Saturday morning people are busy shopping for vegetables and groceries. The strictness will come into force after 11 a.m. In the city since 8 am, only vegetable carts have appeared in the colonies. Vegetables have delivered from tempo at many places. People are seen wearing double masks and napkin cloths due to fear of corona infection. People arrived at the shopping at the Vegetable-Fruit Market located at Agra Gate, Kesarganj, Subhash Nagar.

Movement on the streets

Breakfast and tea carts are closed in the posh and most popular Panchsheel, Shastri Nagar, Civil Lines, Vaishali Nagar-Bajrangarh area of ​​the city. The workers, the workers, are sitting on wheels. Police personnel are seen checking vehicles at Anasagar Link Road, Makarwali Road, Regional College Tiraha. Ambulances and drug shops are open outside JLN Hospital.

Madar Gate-Dargah

Market Shops are closed due to public discipline red alert curfew on the city’s heartbeat and the most congested Madar Gate-station road. Auto rickshaws, e-rickshaws and ordinary rickshaws were also found standing under the foot over bridge. In the Dargah market, Ganj and other areas, there was silence on the roads. Barricading of policemen was put up in Dehli Gate, Mahavir Circle and other areas.


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