UP: Patients Will Be Able To Keep Phone In COVID Ward, Administration Withdraws Its Decision

Sir Gangaram Hospital (Source: Twitter)
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Lucknow: The order not to keep mobiles at the Corona Ward and Quarantine Center in Uttar Pradesh has been withdrawn. Medical Education Minister Suresh Khanna in the Yogi government has made it clear that patients of Kovid-19 and those kept in the Quarantine Center will be allowed to keep mobile with precaution.

DG Medical Education has amended its order. According to which the patient can keep a mobile phone in the isolation ward. But, while admitted in the ward, the patient has to disclose that he has a mobile phone and charger. The medical administration will disinfect the mobile as soon as it is admitted and no other person will use that phone. Once the patient is cured, the mobile will be disinfected again.

Actually, it was argued earlier by the doctors that if the patient of COVID-19 uses a mobile, then the virus can remain in that mobile for a long time. Due to which many people can get infected with it. KGMU of Lucknow was following this guideline. During this time, an intercom was arranged for patients to talk to their families.


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