Train of expectations in Corona era, read the full news

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Lucknow: The second wave of Lucknow, Covid-19 has posed a big challenge in front of the country. How the Covid-19 virus has caused havoc in society is not in history. But the challenge faced by the whole country united with bravery. And this fight continues even today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the countrymen three mantras to fight a successful fight against the Covid-19 virus – wearing masks, washing hands from time to time and following social distance. These three spells greatly strengthened the fight against Covid-19. The challenge was big, so the government had to take big steps in dealing with it. On the one hand, while the government provided the necessary things like oxygen and medicines, on the other hand, it was also taken care that despite the situation like lockdown, people should not have to face any kind of problem. The weaker sections of the society get food and the necessary services are restored. As a result of better relations with the foreign countries of India, many countries of the world openly helped India in this hour of crisis. A large number of oxygen and medicines were transported to India.

In a major initiative, the Prime Minister decided to set up more than 500 Oxygen plants across the country with the PM Cares Fund. It is surprising that since the Prime Minister’s decision, work started in this direction and most of the plants were set up. The Indian Railways also played a role in this war against Covid-19. If the Railways had not shown such activism in time, it would not have been possible to restore normalcy by eliminating the shortage of oxygen.

The Indian Army also contributed strongly to this campaign. The Oxygen Express trains were started by the Railways. A total of 7115 metric tons of oxygen has been sent by these express trains across the country to date. The Oxygen Express train arrived with 80 MT of oxygen. In the same manner, a total of 3,950 MT of oxygen was supplied to the National Capital Region. People look at the Oxygen Express trains with hope. Presently, 800 metric tonnes of oxygen is being supplied daily by Oxygen Express trains across the country.

So far, a total of 115 Oxygen Express trains have been served in this campaign and are meeting the demand for oxygen in hospitals. According to the data available so far, Maharashtra has 407 metric tonnes, Madhya Pradesh 361 metric tonnes, 1165 MT has been delivered to Haryana, 188 MT to Telangana, 72 MT to Rajasthan, 120 MT to Karnataka and 2748 MT to Delhi. If we talk about Uttar Pradesh, then a total of 1960 metric tons of oxygen has been supplied here. In Uttar Pradesh mainly by Oxygen Express in Lucknow, Bareilly, Kanpur, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Meerut, Moradabad, Agra and Gorakhpur. Oxygen was supplied.

57.15 MT of oxygen was supplied to Varanasi. Efforts were made to ensure that oxygen needs reach every need. The state governments have properly used the oxygen tankers sent by the Center. In Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself is monitoring the supply of oxygen. Infected patients who are in isolation at home. They have also been provided oxygen. Full arrangements have been made for this. The government is providing oxygen to hospitals in both the government and private sectors. Due to this huge effort of the government, the scarcity of oxygen in the state is almost over. The government has also made special arrangements to stop the black marketing of essential medicines used in the treatment of oxygen and Covid-19. People panic. Oxygen cylinders were seized from many places in the state.


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