This time is not for profit, but to fight against Corona: Sachin Pilot

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9 constructors and 100 cylinders arrived at Tonk Hospital. Pilot takes a meeting of officers at Tonk. Former Deputy Chief Minister and Tonk MLA Sachin Pilot took a meeting of officials at the Circuit House on Thursday. In this, he inquired about the work being done in the district regarding the corona epidemic and the hospital system.

He asked the authorities to make every effort to control the corona epidemic. Treatment should be given to every patient coming to the hospital.

There will be no shortage of resources for this. Oxygen cylinders and other equipment have been given earlier as per demand and will be made available further.

He asked the officers to follow the guideline. He said that he had a long discussion with the officials about Corona.

It talked about increasing vaccination, increasing oxygen and resources. Reported the second phase of Corona. He said that many types of decisions are being taken in the meeting of the state government.

He said that a 100 cylinder plant will also be set up in Tonk. Here, Paytal said that everyone must have the vaccine. He said that the news of the mob in a religious program in a state was wrong.

People should also care about other’s life with them. He said that India is the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines, but strange thing and irony arose that there are three-three prices of the same medicine.

When cement, steel and air travel can be controlled in the country, then why the price of life-saving medicine cannot be controlled. If the company has to earn profits, then earn by looking at the time.

What is happening is meaningless. Those companies made profits in other medicines. He said that from the year 1947 till today the Government of India has provided medicines everywhere. Should also be provided in this. He said that there will be no shortage if the process of allocation from the Center to the states is transparent.

He said that there is no time for politics. In such a situation, everyone has to fight this war together. He said that the vaccine is not fully available. Producers are unable to supply. If it comes on May 1, then it is said to come by May 15.

He said that the lack of oxygen in Tonk has been fulfilled. 100 cylinder Tonks have arrived from other places including Kishangarh. 15 oxygen constructors have been received by the district.

Out of these, 9 constables and 6 blocks will be provided at Tonk Saadat Hospital. Congress outgoing District President Laxman Chaudhary Gata, Saud Saeedi, City Council President Ali Ahmed, Hansraj Gata were present during this period.

Akbar Khan welcomed former Deputy Chief Minister and Tonk MLA Sachin Pilot going from Tonk on the highway. Also apprised them of the state of the district.


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