This Is The Cheapest And Effective Medicine To Protect Against Corona! WHO Also Considered Safe

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New Delhi: Many existing medicines are being used so far to protect against Coronavirus. In the last 6 months, scientists have considered hydroxychloroquine and BCG medicine to be safe in saving patients. But recent research has revealed that apart from all these, there is a steroid drug which is proving to be a lifespan for serious patients of coronavirus infection.

Dexamethasone is inexpensive and highly effective
Recently, scientists in England have found in their research that Dexamethasone is a very effective and inexpensive drug in the treatment of corona infected patients. Research has claimed that the steroid Dexamethasone used to reduce inflammation is acting tremendously in coronavirus infection. It has proved successful in saving the lives of patients whose condition is critical. Research data found that its use had reduced the mortality rate of patients on ventilators by 33.33% and in patients with less severe symptoms by 20%.

WHO also considered safe
The World Health Organization (WHO) is keeping an eye on the safety of existing medicines in the treatment of coronavirus. Scientists have not seen much side effects at the moment of treating coronas with Dexamethason. On this basis WHO has also declared Dexamethason safe for treatment.

This drug is more effective than Remedisvir
Earlier the drug Remdesivir was believed to be better for the treatment of corona, but later research claimed that it is effective only in treating patients with mild symptoms. Also, it does not have the same benefit on every patient. But dexamethasone has also been shown to have a positive effect on patients with severe symptoms.


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