This is the biggest change in Lockdown 4.0, this is the biggest feature you got

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New Delhi: The Home Ministry has announced Lockdown 4.0 across the country on Sunday. Along with this, new guidelines have also been released. The metro, mall, shopping complex will be closed earlier. Restaurants can deliver home. Strictness will continue in hotspot areas. A major change has been seen in Lockdown 4.0 that the role of states has been increased in it, which was not there till now. Buses can run between two states with mutual consent. The right to drive the bus has also been found within the states.

States and Union Territories have been given the right to form red, orange and green zones in view of the situation of Coronavirus infection at their respective places. Based on the guidelines issued by the Union Health Ministry, the district administration will mark ‘Containment’ and hotspots in the Red and Orange zones. Till now, the centre had the authority to decide the red, orange and green zones. Now the District Magistrate will decide the Red Zone, Containment Area or Hotspot but will take care of the guidelines of the Center / Health Ministry.

Apart from shops and malls located in the Containment Zone, all shops are allowed to open at different times from Monday. Local administration should ensure that all shops and markets located outside the Containment Zone open at different times. All shops should ensure that their customers stay six feet away from each other and do not allow more than five people to stay there at one time.

These facilities were also found:

  • Permission to operate bus, taxi within the same state in Green Zone
  • Stadium, sports complex will open but the audience will not be allowed to go.
  • Hotels, restaurants will be closed but home delivery will be allowed.

These services will be closed for now:

  • All flights will be suspended till 31 May.
  • The mall, the cinema will remain closed as before.
  • Domestic and international flights will be closed until 31 May.
  • Ban on all types of events till 31 May.
  • Social, religious and political programs will be banned.
  • Schools, colleges and all educational institutions will remain closed as before.
  • Metro service will be closed till 31 May.
  • All types of places of worship will remain closed.
  • Only essential services will be allowed in the Containment Zone.
  • No more than 50 people can gather at a wedding ceremony.
  • Apart from essential services, it will be prohibited for all other people to move out of homes across the country between seven in the evening and seven in the morning.
  • Those above 65 years of age, people suffering from serious diseases, pregnant women and children below 10 years stay in the house.


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