This hospital in Nagpur tells patients how much Oxygen’s Consume, then advises on planting saplings

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Nagpur: Many people have died so far due to lack of oxygen amidst the Coronavirus epidemic. In such a situation, a hospital in Nagpur has found a unique way to tell people how important Trees are for oxygen. Before discharging the patients of the Hospital Corona, it is written in detail how much oxygen they consumed during the treatment and then they are advised to plant at least 10 saplings.

The female patient expressed happiness

According to a report in the Times of India, before discharging a Corona Positive woman recently, the ‘Get Well’ hospital in Nagpur told her that she consumed 1,44,000 litres of oxygen during treatment and so now she 10 saplings should be planted. The 41-year-old woman was kept in the ICU for about a week after her health deteriorated. The woman expressed happiness over this move of the hospital and said that I will plant saplings and this year I will also conserve more than 10 saplings.

Corona explained the importance

The female patient further said, “Corona has made me realize how precious oxygen is, which nature provides us for free. Now it is our turn to think about nature ‘. The head of the hospital, Dr Rajesh Swarnakar said that people do not understand the value of oxygen unless it is very much in need and shortage. Unfortunately today the country is going through a similar situation, in such situation, we have tried to explain to the people how important environmental protection is.

‘Time to give back to nature

Doctor Swarnakar further said that we have only been exploiting nature. We never tried to give something back to him, but today it is very important to do so. So we tell the corona patients who are discharged from the hospital how much oxygen they have consumed and plant at least 10 plants to keep everyone getting free oxygen in the future.

This is how Idea came

Regarding this unique idea, Dr Swarnakar told that he had seen a prescription going viral on social media, in which the doctor talked about planting saplings after recovering from the patient. After seeing this, along with advising the plantation to the patients, they should also tell them how much oxygen was consumed during the treatment. Doctor Swarnakar said that the patients in the hospital have to pay for oxygen, so when they know how much oxygen they consume, they will realize its true value.

‘Once Green City was Nagpur’

Dr Rajesh Swarnakar told that once upon a time Nagpur was called Green City, but now the situation has become worrisome. He said, ‘My childhood was spent on the Neeri campus because my father was a scientist. At that time this city was completely green but now it is not so ‘. The doctor said that when the lack of oxygen in the hospital is being criticized, then people should think about how we have been behaving so far with the nature that provides free oxygen to us.

Oxygen and our relationship

Every adult takes 7-8 litres of oxygen per minute and releases it during rest. Man uses 500 litres of pure oxygen every day, this figure becomes even more during the workout. If someone is given oxygen therapy during the corona, they need more O2. Similarly, if high nasal flow oxygen or ventilator is used, the requirement of O2 increases to 90 litres/min.


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