Third wave of COVID-19 inevitable in India

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New Delhi: The Corona epidemic has caused chaos in the entire country, hospitals have neither beds … nor oxygen and cremation in the bodies of dead bodies are also being sacked.

Due to the Corona epidemic, the days are getting worse and worse, the noise of deaths from Corona is now changing into sobs.

The ashes of the cremation pyre have not yet cooled that the news of the third wave has also arrived. The Principal Scientific Adviser of the Center, K Vijay Raghavan, rang the warning bell of big danger. He said that the third wave of Corona will come, it cannot be avoided in any way.

Raghavan said that there are a lot of cases of virus infection, so at this time it cannot be said that when the third wave of corona will come. But the third wave of Corona cannot be avoided, so we should start preparing for the new wave. He also said that the Corona vaccine would need to be updated. To compete with this new corona strain.

Let us know that India is facing the second wave of Corona at this time. Due to the second wave of corona infection, the number of patients in hospitals has steadily increased. In the second wave of the corona, the speed of corona cases has not stopped. Over the past 24 hours, 3,780 people lost their lives due to the Corona epidemic, while around four lakh new cases were also registered.

On one hand, there is a shortage of beds in hospitals and crying out that there is no oxygen. On the other hand, many patients have lost their lives due to lack of oxygen. While many states have taken strict measures to control the coronavirus, some states have also imposed complete lockdown. But the question is that they have not been able to recover properly from the havoc of the second wave of Corona. By then, the threat of the third wave was over.


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