The WHO senior official said, “Coronavirus will never go out of the world!”

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Switzerland: World Health Organization (WHO) senior officer Michael J Ryan said Wednesday that the coronavirus may resemble the world’s viruses that will never go away, such as HIV. ).

Michael J. Ryan said, “Like other viruses, it can become a virus that never goes away as HIV has never passed.” He further said, ‘I am not comparing the two diseases among themselves but I believe that we are going to accept the reality. I do not think anyone can predict when and how this disease will end. ‘

He also said that the number of cases is still high. In such a situation, it can spread on a larger scale by removing the restrictions taken due to Coronavirus. In this case, another possible lockdown may be required. Regarding the lockdown, Ryan said, ‘If the number of cases is reduced every day and the risk of the virus spreading in the community is also low, in that case, it can be removed. If you remove it in between growing cases, it can spread faster.

On the vaccine issue, he said, ‘This can be a solution to eliminate this virus. But that vaccine has to be made available, it has to be made available to everyone.

Let us tell you that the coronavirus is causing havoc all over the world. The number of corona (COVID-19) infections in the world has reached 4390000, while the number of cured people has reached 1592159 and the death toll is 295732.


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