The vaccine to be deferred by 3 months after recovery from COVID-19, NEGVAC’s suggestion approved by the Ministry of Health

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New Delhi: The Health Ministry has approved the introduction of the Corona Vaccine only after 3 months of recovery from the Coronavirus. This decision has been taken on the suggestion given by the National Expert Group of Vaccine Administration for Covid-19 (NEGVAC) to apply the Corona vaccine.

Vaccine after 3 months of recovery

According to the new rule, patients infected with corona will be given a vaccine 3 months after their recovery. In such cases, patients who have been infected with corona after taking the first dose of vaccine will be given a second dose of corona only after 3 months of recovery. At the same time, women who are feeding the baby will also be able to get the vaccine. After discussing the suggestion of NEGVAC, the Ministry of Health has also approved it.

Vaccine will be vaccinated in 3 months even after plasma therapy

Apart from this, patients who are infected with corona, who were given Plasma Therapy during the course of treatment, can also take the vaccine dose only after 3 months. However, patients with any other serious illness (who need to be hospitalized or admitted to the ICU) should wait 4 to 8 weeks to get the vaccine.

Can donate blood 14 days after vaccination

According to the new rule, anyone can donate blood 14 days after taking the vaccine. The Health Ministry says that a person infected with the corona can also donate blood 14 days after the RT-PCR test report is negative.

No need for a test before applying the vaccine

Apart from this, now the government has also removed the imperative of conducting rapid antigen test before getting the vaccine. However, the case of giving a vaccine against Covid-19 to pregnant women is still under consideration. NTAGI is considering it now.


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