The new variant of Corona raised the concern of the government, issued this advisory to the states

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New Delhi: The concern of the central government has increased after a new variant of Coronavirus surfaced abroad. The government has issued a letter instructing all the states and union territories to be alert.

Variants found in these three countries

According to the Union Ministry of Health, cases of new variant B.1.1529 of corona have been reported in Botswana, South Africa and Hong Kong. This variant is said to be more dangerous than the earlier variants. So all the state and state governments should be careful.

Do thorough checking of foreign travellers’

The Ministry of Health said that the testing of all the people coming from abroad should be intensified. If a traveller turns out to be positive, send his sample to the INSACOG Genome Sequencing Laboratory in the state. So that along with treating the victim in time, the treatment of this variant can be started.

So many cases so far

According to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases, scientists are currently trying to understand the possible effects of this new corona variant. So far 22 cases of this variant have been reported abroad. Last year, the beta variant of Corona was first detected in South Africa. Corona variant C.1.2 was detected in South Africa earlier this year.


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