The First Flight Will Fly At Delhi Airport From May 25 at 4:30 am, Know What Are The New Rules

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New Delhi: The first flight will start from Delhi at 4:30 in the morning of May 25, but now you will see a lot of change at the airport in the Corona era. Special steps have been taken at Delhi Airport to prevent this infection and to protect passengers. First of all, it is mandatory for every passenger to wear a mask. Along with this, it has also been suggested that sanitizers should also be kept with you and wear gloves in your hands.

The first traveller must print his boarding pass from outside the departure gate as soon as he reaches Delhi Airport. After taking the boarding pass, your goods have to be sanitized through a sanitizer machine. After sanitizing the bag, the traveller’s temperature check will be done. During this, you will also have to show a green signal on the Aarogya Setu app. However, it is also being said that the traveller has to fill his complete information in a form at the counter containing the Aarogya Setu App. It has to be told that you do not have any symptoms and you have not come in contact with any Kovid patient.

After this, the passenger will have to proceed towards the departure gate further. Here, the CISF personnel will stand behind a face shield and check your ticket and ID card. During this time, you have to remove your face mask a bit, so that they can match the ID card and your face. This whole process will be done behind transparent glass so that passengers and CISF personnel do not come in direct contact with each other.

Moving from here as soon as you cross the automatic doors, a mat has been laid to make your shoes instantly infection-free. A thermal screening machine has been installed at this place. Here the temperature of your body will be checked with the camera. If your temperature exceeds the standard then you can also be prevented from travelling. You have to use hand sanitizer before proceeding further. These hand sanitizers are present at the gate, its speciality is that it is a touch-free ie sensor with a sensor.

Marking for social distancing at the airport
As soon as the passengers enter the airport terminal building from here, a lot of change will be seen here. Passengers will have to follow social distancing strictly. Marking has been done for social distancing at the airport. There is space left between the chairs. That is, if there is a chair of 4 sets, then stickers have been placed on the 2 seats in the middle of the seat.

Here you have to take the tag for your check-in bag from the self-check-in counter. For this, you have to enter your PNR number and you will have to put the tag on the bag yourself. However, if you do not want to use this machine, you can write your name and PNR number on a paper with your hand and stick it on the bag. After this, you will have to go to the counter of the concerned airline, where you will have to keep your bag on the luggage belt and you will no longer get any receipt from the counter. Now the information about receiving the goods will be messaged on the passenger’s phone number.

All shops will be open at the airport
From here you will proceed directly to the security checkpoint, where there will be at least physical checking. You have to remove all the items of the metal in the tray. Passengers and security personnel will also be seen as social distancing. Security personnel may appear in the PPE kit. After the security checkpoint, you proceed to the retail shop or the food shop. All shops will be open at the airport, but all have to take special care of social distancing and cleanliness. No food will be allowed to sit in any restaurant. You can pack your food.

From here, the number of chairs has been increased for the passengers to sit on the boarding gate, as they can no longer sit sideways. Before entering the airline, your boarding pass will be scanned and then the rear seats will be entered first.

People associated with the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation said that there is no plan to quarantine passengers travelling by air for 14 days. But there are still some states that are talking about quarantine after the yatra. However, this issue still needs further clarification. Central and state governments should immediately issue accessories guidelines on this subject, which should be uniform for the whole country.

Now new rules for air travel:

  1. Private vehicles, selected taxis and public transport will have to be used to get to the airport.
  2. Social distancing will have to be taken care of in vehicles too.
  3. The airport has to arrive 2 hours before departure.
  4. Only those whose flight is scheduled in the next 4 hours will enter the airport building.
  5. All passengers are required to wear Mask & Gloves.
  6. Arogya Setu app has to be shown during entry into the airport.
  7. There will be a thermal screening of passengers before entering the airport terminal.
  8. A trolley will be used at least on departure and arrival.
  9. Only those who need a lot will be able to use the trolley.
  10. Passenger bags will also be sanitized before entering the airport terminal building.
  11. All the gates of the airport terminal will be opened to avoid congestion.
  12. Social distance marking will be made from entry gate to the boarding gate, a distance of at least 1 meter is mandatory.
  13. There will be an arrangement to disinfect the shoes of the passengers at the entrance.
  14. Newspapers and magazines are not allowed in airport terminals and lounges.
  15. Hand sanitizer will be available for passengers and staff at the airport.
  16. All the shops in the airport terminal will open with social distancing.
  17. Passengers will be sent in the aircraft according to the batch at the boarding gate.
  18. After completion of the flight, the bag will be re-sanitized by the airport administration.
  19. An isolation centre will be built towards the terminal building or city, which will be used in an emergency.


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