The CEO of Moderna also called the third dose mandatory, saying – effective in protecting against the new variant of Corona

Moderna Covid Vaccine (Source Twitter)
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Washington: The biggest problem scientists face in the fight against Corona is the change in the virus. The virus of the corona is changing from time to time with new variants. It is becoming more deadly than ever with this variant. In such a situation, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Corona vaccine manufacturer Moderna, Steffel Banks, has stated to protect against these new variants of the Covid-19 virus.

Indeed, Banks said on Sunday that a third dose of the vaccine was needed as a booster shot to protect against new variants of Corona. This booster dose requires more and more people to apply.

The third dose is necessary for those who work at risk

Banks told the media that the threat of new variants of the Coronavirus is increasing. In such a situation, our vaccine can be effective for a certain period. This is why we should give a third dose of the vaccine by the end of summer to all those who are working with special risk. Such as health workers working in the hospital, who had taken the first dose earlier this year.

The death toll may increase

With this, Steffel Banks said that weak people, adolescents and young people who have not been vaccinated should also be given booster supplements. With this, he warned that the delay in vaccination by more than two months may increase the number of hospitalized patients and deaths. In this way, a fourth wave can also come.


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