Tamil Nadu is lacking behind in the vaccination drive, So far only 9 per cent of the population has been vaccinated

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Chennai: Tamil Nadu seems to be lagging in the race for vaccination. So far only 9 per cent of the people in the state have been able to get the vaccine of Covid 19. Tamil Nadu’s name is included in the lowest five states in terms of vaccination. Apart from Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Bihar and Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu is the state where the least number of vaccines can be given.

Reasons for lack of vaccination in the state

According to the data, only 9 per cent of the population in Tamil Nadu, which has a population of 70 million, has received the first dose of the vaccine. The reason for the low vaccination in the state is believed to be the hesitation among the people. However, health officials say that the situation is getting better now.

According to officials, only 4.57 lakh doses of the vaccine could be administered in Tamil Nadu between January and February. However, in March this rate increased five times. During this, more than 28 lakh doses were given. At the same time, in May this figure had increased seven times and crossed the number of 30 doses.

Question on vaccine supply

On the other hand, the state government has also raised questions on vaccine supply. The state government says that the Center is supplying the vaccine on the basis of usage, not on the basis of population ratio.

Officials said that awareness has increased in the state and people are coming forward to get the vaccine. But the problem is that only a few thousand doses are left in Chennai.


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