Surajpur District administration extends lockdown till May 15

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Surajpur: Given the increasing number of Corona positives and their deaths in the district, the Surajpur district administration has extended the lockdown till noon on May 15. During this period, the collector has reduced the strictness by moving away from the former lockdown.

Now they have permitted to open independent grocery shops of the locality, egg, meat, fish and milk shops. Anyone can get petrol-diesel from the petrol pump. Hotel-has and restaurants will remain closed as before, only home delivery will be allowed from here. Apart from this, liquor shops will also not open.

In the order issued by Surajpur Collector Ranbir Sharma, it has been said that in Andhra Pradesh new corona strains have been detected which are quite dangerous, so it has been decided to increase the container keeping in view the safety of the citizens. According to the order issued, the entire boundaries of the district will remain completely sealed.

These are order-

  1. Medical shops, hospitals, clinics and veterinary hospitals will be allowed to open within their stipulated period during the period of containerization.
  2. Fertilizer, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural machinery and equipment and repair shops will be allowed to be opened. There will also be no restriction on the transportation of fertilizer.
  3. Independent grocery shops operating in the locality will remain open while malls and supermarkets will remain under the ban.
  4. Petrol pumps will be allowed to open for all purposes and without punctuality.
  5. Gas agencies will also be allowed to open regularly.
  6. Poultry, meat, egg and milk dairy shops, flour mill will be allowed to open regularly.
  7. Fruits and vegetables will be allowed for sale by putting them on a cart.
  8. There will be a complete lockdown on Sunday. On this day only medicines, labs, hospitals, animal feed shops, petrol pumps, home delivery items shops will be allowed to open.

There will be a restriction on these

  1. All types of weekly daily markets.
  2. Hotel-Dhaba & Restaurant (Home delivery discount here only).
  3. Marriage halls, malls, clubs, swimming pools, supermarkets, all religious places, all coaching classes, all school-colleges, pan-cigarette and tobacco shops, liquor shops, all kinds of tourist places, street by handcart All types of food grains shops, barbershops, parks, markets, gyms, all types of gatherings, processions, socio-religious and political events.


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