Summary of National Survey: Vaccination is the only treatment to prevent corona

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Ajmer: Vaccination will play an influential role in preventing the possible third wave of the corona. This summary came out in the survey conducted across the country by Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Head of Department of Respiratory Diseases of JLN Hospital.

Dr. Neeraj Gupta said that the name of the wave had scientifically defined the trend of fluctuations in the long period of any infection. After the first and second waves, preparations have been made on a war footing in the whole country to protect it and deal with it when the wave arrives. On the one hand, while the dose of vaccination has crossed 100 crores, herd immunity due to many infections during the first and second waves is likely to protect against the third wave.

The views of expert doctors about the possibility of a third wave emerged in the survey. In this survey, 585 physicians across the country expressed their opinion in answers to 16 questions. The survey was conducted from 26 September to 5 October.

61 percent doctors opinion: the third wave will come

He said that about 61.7 percent believed that the third wave would come. At the same time, 38.3 percent denied it. The third wave will be less dangerous than the previous two waves. This is what 86.3 percent of senior doctors believe. At the same time, 13.7 percent of doctors do not believe this. This figure is comforting. The expected timing of the third wave is between October-November according to 30.3 percent, December-January according to 44.1 percent, and February to April according to 20.5 percent. Twenty-six percent of the children will be affected by the third wave! Dr. Gupta said that according to the survey, the probability of children being affected by the third wave is 26.8 percent. While it is likely to affect individuals of all ages, about 55.6 percent are reported by physicians. Less affected causes of the third wave have been reported to be people who have already been infected, vaccinated individuals, herd immunity, and infection by less lethal virus species. Compared to the first vaccination dose, 94.8 percent more people who took both doses survived the infection.

Booster dose effective in 80% opinion

He said that the doctors have also given their views regarding the booster dose. 80.5 percent of physicians agreed that the booster (third) dose effectively prevented the third wave. In addition, 55.6 percent of physicians expressed that giving a booster dose only after 6 to 9 months of the second dose. Regarding the booster dose, 52.9 percent recommended using the same vaccine as before, and 47.1 percent of physicians recommended using the cocktail (compound) vaccine. Only vaccination will save.

Dr. Neeraj Gupta said that based on the results obtained after the survey, it could be said that the third wave can be avoided only through vaccination. According to this survey, if the third wave comes, it will be a weak wave. The mutant virus may be the cause, and it can affect any age. But children are more prone to infection.


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