Sumerpur’s oxygen plant becomes lifelong for uprooted breaths, more than 500 cylinders ready

oxygen plant
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New Delhi: With the second wave of corona becoming fatal, patients started dying amidst breathless breath due to lack of oxygen. In such a situation, Sumerpur gave a new life to thousands of patients by supplying continuous oxygen cylinders to the Sirohi district besides Pali. At Sumerpur’s oxygen plant, refilling of 500 to 550 cylinders per day is supplied to the much-needed hospital under the supervision of an officer appointed on the instructions of the District Collector.

In April, like all over the state, in Pali and Sirohi districts, Corona took the form of a monopoly. There was a fierce battle for oxygen amidst the quintessence of Corona. The patients were continuously dying due to a lack of oxygen in the country and the country. In the last week of April month, three patients lost their lives due to lack of oxygen in the district. In such a situation, the Sainath Oxygen Plant of the private sector in Sumerpur came to be the angel. Mulant Mali, the owner of the plant, said that he is happy that thousands of patients are getting new life from the oxygen gas being prepared at their plant.

The district administration took control amid skirmishes

The district also took control of the private sector Sainath Oxygen Plant located at Jakhamata Industrial Area of ​​Sumerpur on the instructions of the District Collector after continuously feeling a shortage of oxygen cylinders. For effective monitoring here, District Council Chief Executive Officer Shweta Chauhan was appointed as Co-ordinator. At present, the District Drug Controller Manishkumar, Madhav Singh, Land Records Inspector Phoolaram Meena, besides supervising the plant around the clock have been appointed from the Panchayati Raj, Municipal and Tehsil offices for twenty-four hours in the plant. The plant is under police guard around the clock. No person can enter without the permission of the competent officer.

500 to 550 cylinders are ready daily

Appointed officer Manishkumar said that at this time the plant works round the clock 24 hours under the Covid protocol. 500 to 550 cylinders are produced every day. Oxygen cylinders are supplied after the permission of the Chief Executive Officer. Presently, 400 are supplied in Pali Bangad Hospital, 50 in Bhagwan Mahaveer Hospital, 50 in State Hospital Sirohi and 50 as per requirement in government hospitals including Aburod in Sirohi district, Sadri in Pali district, Bali.

The official said-

On the instructions of the District Collector, the personnel including officers have been appointed at the Oxygen plant at Sumerpur. Cylinders are being supplied in Pali and Sirohi districts so that no patient dies due to lack of oxygen. To maintain continuity at the plant, the power department has been banned for 24 hours from the uninterrupted power supply. – Manishkumar, District Drug Officer, Pali


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