Sonu Sood Tests Positive For COVID-19

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New Delhi: A bad news has emerged for the fans of actor Sonu Sood, who became famous among the people by becoming the messiah of the needy during the Corona Lockdown. It is reported that Sonu Sood has become Corona Positive. Sonu Sood himself has shared this information with his social media account.

Quarantined himself at home

Sonu Sood has told on Twitter that he has been hit by Corona. While giving this information to the fans, Sonu has also told that he has decided to cure himself at home by quarantine. He has told that he has quarantined himself, taking all precautions.

Taking care of others even in your own illness

People are once again surprised to see Sonu’s tweet. Because he has expressed concern for his fans even after his illness. He has written, ‘I want to tell everyone that this morning my Covid test has come positive. I have quarantined myself with care and am taking care of myself. But don’t worry, this has given me more time to help you. Remember… remember I am always with you.’

Recall that on Thursday, Sonu Sood was spotted riding a bicycle without wearing a mask. After this, some people trolled him. People said that as a star, they should take care of these things that people follow them. It is considered style to live like them.


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