Sonu Sood, team save Covid patients at ARAK Hospital in Bengaluru

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Actor Sonu Sood’s humanitarian work is lauding him from across the country. Actors are constantly helping and helping the needy even amid the corona epidemic. Recently, Sood has worked all night with his team to provide oxygen at ARAK Hospital in Bangalore. The actor said that he was able to save the lives of at least 20-22 people who were in danger due to the alleged unavailability of oxygen cylinders.

Sonu Sood saved the lives of 22 patients

On May 4, an emergency call came from Yelahanka Old Town inspector MR Satyanarayana to a member of the charity foundation of Sonu Sood about the status of ARAK Hospital where two people have already lost their lives due to lack of oxygen supply. The team immediately responded to the call and set to work to arrange cylinders for the patients. He woke up all his contacts and informed them about the situation. Then the actor’s team arranged 15 more oxygen cylinders within a few hours.
According to ANI, the actor has praised the people who helped him in arranging the oxygen cylinders.

He said- “It was sheer teamwork and a will to help our fellow countrymen. As soon as we got a call from Inspector Satyanarayana, we verified it and started working within minutes. The team spent the entire night without any thought in helping to get oxygen cylinders to the hospital. If it were a little late, many families could lose their close ones.”

He added, “I want to thank every person who helped me save so many people last night. These are the efforts made by my team members, which motivate me to keep moving forward and try to change the lives of people. I am very proud of Hashmat and the entire team who helped me. “

The actor also had the support of CPI Satyanarayana. He and the police handled the situation quite well. There came a time when a patient had to be shifted and there was no ambulance driver, then the police took responsibility on his shoulders and took the patient to the hospital.

Let me tell you that earlier Sonu Sood had helped a seriously ill patient in Jhansi and admitted him to a hospital in Hyderabad. In Jhansi, the doctors had given up the treatment of the patient Kailash Aggarwal and asked the family to go to a big hospital. The family made several attempts and also approached a local MLA, but received no help. Then finally Sonu Sood had to come to his aid.


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