Risk of COVID-19 on wildlife increases

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Lucknow: Wildlife Corona risk: The havoc of coronavirus in UP has intensified. The Zoo administration has been alerted in all zoos in UP after eight Asiatic lion coronas were found infected at the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad. Now coronaviruses of lions, tigers and leopards will be investigated. Along with this, to avoid any untoward incident, monitoring of the movements of organisms has been started in all the zoos and bird sanctuaries of UP.

Close watch on the routine: – A.K Singh, Assistant Director of Kanpur Zoo told that, Big cat species which includes animals like lion, tiger and leopard. They are more likely to have coronavirus. Kanpur is the Zoo Lions Breeding Center. There are five lions, eight tigers and 21 leopards. In Zoo, the team of UC Srivastava, Dr RK Singh and Dr RK Dwivedi is preparing weekly reports with monitoring. So far there has been no change in the nature, routine and health of these organisms. But their faeces will be examined as vigilance. If the test report shows some symptoms, then samples will be taken from his nose and throat unconsciously. Assistant Director A.K Singh told that all the keepers serve food only by wearing a PPE kit.

Lucknow and Gorakhpur Zoo Alert: – Deputy Director of Lucknow Zoo, Dr Utkarsh Shukla informed that there are six tigers, three white tigers, 12 leopards, 6 Babbar lions. If any of these symptoms are noticed, the immediate screening will be done. Dr H Rajamohan, Director of Shaheed Ashfaqullah Khan Zoological Park, Gorakhpur and Dr Yogesh Pratap Singh, Veterinary Officer said, “Zookeepers are following the corona protocol with regular sanitization.”

Boiled food to animals: – The corona will be examined if required for the wildlife of the bird sanctuary and Deer Park at Sarnath. DFO Mahavir Kaujalgi said that the park is sanitized daily. Wild animals are being fed boiled food.


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