Record: Ajay Munot of Pune presented the example, has donated 14 times in 9 months of Plasma

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New Delhi: The second wave of Coronavirus (Coronavirus Second Wave) has created an outcry. In this era of tragedy, where thousands of people are struggling to save their lives, some are not shying away from putting their lives at stake to save the lives of others. One such Corona warrior is Ajay Munot of Pune, who has set a record of doing Plasma donation 14 times.

Who is Ajay Munot?

50-year-old Ajay Munot is originally from Pune city of Maharashtra who works as a strategic consultant. He has done plasma donation 14 times so far. Due to this noble work of Ajay Munot, many lives could be saved. This is the first case of a person donating plasma 14 times. India Book of Records has also found Ajay Munot’s claim correct and has given him a certificate.

Ajay Munot was infected with Corona in July 2020. During this time he was admitted to a Covid-19 care centre. After defeating Corona, they are constantly donating plasma to help people. You have donated your plasma to the blood bank about 14 times in these 9 months. Ajay Munot says that as long as antibodies are made in the body, I will keep donating plasma. Ajay’s close friends and relatives are now calling him Plasma Bank.

Ajay Munot says that when he came home to beat Corona, he saw all the people on social media pleading for plasma. He then performed the first plasma donation for a poor family. By donating the plasma of Ajay, the life of the mother of that poor family could be saved. Ajay says that he has not had any problem with plasma donation and as long as antibodies continue to form, he will keep donating plasma.


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