Railways’ new decision on special trains, waiting for tickets will also be issued; No new trains will run

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New Delhi: In the 15 special trains started to bring the people trapped in the lockdown to their homes, the Railway Ministry has also announced the facility of the waiting list. Waiting tickets will also be issued in these trains from May 22. Right now, waiting tickets were not available in these trains, but on Wednesday night, the railway has made a slight change in the rules. Now waiting for tickets will be available in these special trains from 22 May. Its booking will start on May 15. However, the scope of the waiting list will be limited. No RAC system.

100 Waiting in Third AC and 200 in Sleeper

Railways have fixed the waiting list limit for these trains as 100 for AC three tires, 50 for AC two tires, 200 for sleeper class, 100 for chair car and 20-20 for first AC and executive class. In this way, he has tried to reduce the fighting for the confirmed ticket. This change will be effected from 15 May for booking tickets for trips starting from 22 May. Railways have clarified that no new trains will run. All trains will be cancelled till 30 June. Those who have already booked May-June tickets, their full fare will be refunded. The PRS counter ticket cancellation time has been reduced to 280 days.

The time limit for RPS counter ticketing has been increased from 3 months to 6 months. The 50% reduction was made on cancellation for the special train, which was allowed to cancel the ticket up to 24 hours in advance, now the general refund rules have been implemented. There is no change in the discount today.


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