Railways Changed Their Decision, Counters Will Open At Selected Railway Stations; They Will Get Fare Discount

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New Delhi: The railway may have said earlier that the ticket counters will not open at the railway station, but on Monday night, changing its stand, it said that now the ticket counters will be opened for people of certain categories at some selected railway stations. Some minimum ticket counters will be opened from the place where the train will run and reach the place.

Railway says that no general passenger will be able to book tickets. These are for certain categories of people. Railways in its revised order said, “Extreme minimum reservation centres will be opened for MPs, freedom fighters on special railway routes. General quota tickets will be available only through the website.”

The order said, “Two seats in 3AC will be reserved for PwDs, two seats in 1 AC will be reserved for current and former MPs. Four seats in 2 AC will be reserved. Patients, students, PwD can take concession in ticket fare. Senior citizens No concession for. “

Railways have also informed that all the tickets of Mumbai Delhi category have been booked from 12th to 17th i.e. 1 week. Apart from this, around 30 thousand PNRs have been generated until 9.15 pm today. Reservation has been issued for more than 54 thousand passengers.

All Howrah-Delhi tickets sold in 10 minutes
After six o’clock on Monday, IRCTC started booking for special trains running from May 12 on its website and all tickets of AC-1 and AC-3 of the Howrah-New Delhi route train were sold within 10 minutes. Booking of tickets was supposed to start at four o’clock in the evening, but due to some technical problem, it was delayed. IRCTC informed that the booking will start from 6 pm. The Howrah-New Delhi train is scheduled to leave from Howrah on Tuesday at five to five minutes.


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