Punjab Government changes the rules for lockdown


Chandigarh: Due to the Corona epidemic, new guidelines have been issued by the Punjab government. According to these orders, there will be a complete curfew in all cities of Punjab on Sunday. It is clearly stated in the orders that even during the night curfew, there will be no non-necessary movement.

There will be a complete curfew in 167 cities on Sunday
There will be a complete curfew on Sunday in all 167 cities of Punjab. This order will remain in force till 30 September. Punjab Chief Minister Captain Arminder Singh reviewed the Corona situation in a meeting on September 7, under which it was decided that the complete curfew will be applicable in 167 cities on Sunday.

Saturday’s lockdown ends Earlier
Punjab Chief Minister Captain Arminder Singh, taking notice of the suggestion made by Congress MLAs and medical experts, had announced some relief during the lockdown in urban areas in which non-essential shops can open on Saturday and open from Monday to Saturday. It was increased to 9 o’clock at night. Now, as per the revised decision, night curfew will be imposed in all cities and towns from 9.30 am to 5 am.


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