Public confidence in government increased due to Corona crisis, startling figures from around the world

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New Delhi: Coronavirus has affected the whole world. This virus, originating from China, has caused massive destruction. Most of the countries are facing all kinds of problems in the war with the epidemic, but the good thing is that the confidence of the people in their governments has been strengthened. According to a report by Edelman’s Trust Barometer of consultancy Edelman, for the first time in 20 years, people have started trusting their government more than any other institution.

Governments are now more reliable than businesses, non-profit organizations and media. It is the only institution on which more than 62 per cent of people have expressed confidence. Edelman surveyed more than 13,000 people from 11 countries including India and China. The latest report is completely opposite to the survey results in January. The previous survey showed businesses as the most trusted institutions, while the government and media came out as the least trusted. According to the new results, people’s confidence in the government has increased by about 11 per cent since January. It was 54 in January and 65 per cent in April.

Something like this in India
The survey found the highest trust of the public in China, India and Saudi Arabia. In India, there has been a 6 per cent increase in people’s confidence in the government. The countries where confidence was found the least include France, America and Japan. At the same time, a huge change has been seen in the confidence of the people of the UK, Canada, Germany and South Korea towards the government. Public confidence in these countries has reached double digits. In the United States, 46 per cent of respondents said they trust the federal government. While 66 per cent said that they have faith in the local or state government.

For the first time since World War II
Since 2011, however, mistrust of governments has been increasing. But this is probably the first time since World War II that people are awakening confidence that the government will take them out of the epidemic outbreak. It appears from the report that people rely on strong and decisive leadership – even if there is a tendency towards dictatorship. However, it can also become a dangerous example for the world.


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