PM Modi speaks with Bhutanese counterpart, discusses COVID-19 situation

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with Bhutan Prime Minister Dr Lotte Tshering on phone on Tuesday. During this time he discussed the corona epidemic in detail. The Prime Minister of Bhutan expressed solidarity with the Government of India and the people of India against the recent wave of the epidemic.

The PMs of both the countries recognized that the friendship between the two countries has become stronger during the time of crisis. The leaders said that the current crisis has served to highlight the special friendship between India and Bhutan.

There is good news related to Corona from many states of the country. The coronagraph has started falling in many states. The graph of Corona is going down in Maharashtra, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.


Corona’s graph is falling in Maharashtra. Where on May 8, 53,605 new cases came and 864 deaths occurred. On May 9, 48,401 new cases came and 572 deaths occurred. On May 10, 37,236 new cases came and 549 deaths were recorded.


Talking about Delhi, the graph of Corona is falling there too. On May 8, there were 17,364 new cases, 332 deaths. On May 9, there were 13,336 new cases, 273 deaths. On May 10, there were 12,651 new cases and 319 deaths.
Uttar Pradesh

On May 8, 26,847 new cases were reported in UP, with 298 deaths. On May 9, 23,333 new cases came and 296 deaths occurred. On May 10, 21,331 new cases came and 278 deaths occurred.

The second wave of Corona continues to wreak havoc in the country. What is the state-wise status in 24 hours?

Second wave havoc
24-hour figures

State case Death

Karnataka 39,305 596
Maharashtra 37,236 549
Delhi 12,651 319
Uttar Pradesh 21331 278
Rajasthan 16,487 160
Tamil Nadu 28,97 232
West Bengal 19,445 134

At the same time, India is getting help from many countries at the time of this epidemic. Given the devastation in the second wave, many countries around the world have sent help to India.

Many countries including America, Germany, Australia have sent medical supplies from their countries. There are a large number of oxygen concentrators, cylinders, ventilators, medicines etc. in these supplies.


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