PM Modi gets emotional while talking to doctors on Coronavirus, said – ‘the virus has taken away their loved ones’

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday interacted with doctors and frontline workers of Varanasi through video conferencing. During this, talking to doctors became emotional and said that in the epidemic we have lost many loved ones, my tribute to all of them.

Doctors-nurses work admirable: PM Modi

Talking to doctors and frontline workers, PM Narendra Modi said, ‘I, as a servant of Kashi, thank every Kashiwasi heartily. Especially the work done by our doctors, nurses, ward boys and ambulance drivers is truly commendable.’

The virus has taken away many of our loved ones: PM Modi

During this time PM Modi became emotional and said, ‘This virus has taken away many of our loved ones from us. I pay my respects to all those people, and express my condolences to their families. He further said, ‘In the second wave of Corona, we have to fight together on many fronts. This time the infection rate is also many times higher than before. Patients have to stay in the hospital for a long time. This has put pressure on our health system.’

Health workers continued to work diligently: PM Modi

PM Modi said, ‘Even in this extraordinary situation, it has been possible to handle this pressure only with the great diligence of our doctors, health workers. All of you worked day and night to save the lives of every patient. Trouble for yourself, rest and rise above all of this and continue to work with liveliness.’ He further said, ‘The speed with which Banaras has increased the number of oxygen and ICU beds in such a short time, the way Pandit Rajan Mishra has activated the Covid Hospital so quickly, is also an example in itself.’

PM Modi gave the mantra of ‘where sick, there is treatment’

Addressing doctors and frontline workers, PM Modi said, ‘Now our new mantra is’ where the sick is the treatment.’ By creating micro-containment zones on this principle, the way you are distributing medicines in cities and villages at home is a very good initiative. This campaign has to be as comprehensive as possible in rural areas.

Front line workers benefit from the vaccine: PM Modi

The Prime Minister said, ‘In the second wave of Corona, we have also seen the safety of the vaccine. Due to the safety of the vaccine, our front-line workers have been able to serve the people by remaining safe. This protection shield will reach every person in the coming time. He further said, The preparations that the administration has made during the second wave, we have to keep it fit like this even after the case is reduced. Also, constantly keep an eye on statistics and situations.’


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