Plasma Therapy: How Effective Is Plasma Therapy In Protecting Corona? Learn everything in easy language…

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New Delhi: The second wave of Corona has created a kind of devastation in the country. Every day the old record is being broken in cases of corona infection. Every day new cases of corona infection are coming at the record level in the country and most deaths are happening. Plasma therapy is also proving to be a boon to save the lives of Covid-19 patients during the Corona period. In addition to the reuse of drugs currently available in the market such as hydroxychloroquine and remdesivir, doctors are also using plasma therapy to treat patients with risk and severe symptoms of Covid-19.

Let us know how this therapy used in more than 20 countries of the world helps? Through this process, sick people are treated with the blood of those people, who have been cured of the infection. That is the Corona warriors who have been cured after defeating the virus.

What is plasma therapy?

According to health experts, plasma is the liquid part of the blood, which also contains both red and white blood cells and colourless platelets, which also contains antibodies. Antibodies float in this fluid. That is why it is also called antibody therapy. The antibody is produced in the body against a particular virus or bacteria only when a human is suffering from it.

How does this therapy work?

According to health experts, the patient who has just recovered from the corona has antibodies made in his body. When plasma is taken out of the coroner’s blood and when the antibodies present in the plasma are inserted in another patient, this antibody reaches the sick patient, there is an effect on the patient as soon as the antibody goes. And the virus starts to become weak, it increases the chances of the patient recovering more.

Who can donate plasma?

People recovering from corona can donate plasma
Those who are between 18 years and 60 years of age can also donate plasma.
People who are 50 kg or more, who are healthy and fit.
Plasma donor must have a haemoglobin count above 8.
These people cannot donate plasma

Those weighing less than 50 kg cannot donate plasma

A woman who was previously pregnant cannot also donate plasma.
A cancer patient cannot donate plasma
Plasma with hypertension, blood pressure, heart and kidney disease cannot be donated.
Which corona patients can give plasma
Doctors say that there are guidelines for patients who can be given plasma. In general, plasma can be given to patients severely affected by the virus and suffering from respiratory infections.


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